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West End Litter cleanup & Zero Waste

Please contact Cheri Solien @ keepourwestendclean@gmail.com 

 for more information and to sign up

Did you know….that the State of Washington has no active anti-liiter campaign at this time? This sad fact is also true of most of our WA communities, including Tacoma. 

‘People for a Clean Tacoma’ is a small group of committed volunteers who have been working to raise Litter Awareness in Tacoma for the past 2+ years. We activily pick-up litter in our own neighborhood areas: we have Adopt-a Spots with the city, we organize or participate in group community clean-ups,  and we have written a community grant for Litter Tools. We mostly organize amongst ourselves and through the neighborhood website, nextdoor.com.

We would like to raise Litter Awareness with a nextdoor.com two week Spring Clean-Up Volunteer Campaign of Tacoma.   This collective clean-up effort will run from April 6th to April 20th. We’d like for  1-3  people in each neighborhood or larger nextdoor.com community area in Tacoma to post the nextdoor.com Litter Challenge. Please feel free to adapt the post to suit your neighbohood’s needs, including adjusting the dates.  See the post below.

Please concider posting this Local Litter Challenge on nextdoor.com  (and/or other social media) for a Cleaner Tacoma on or near March 30th so potential volunteers can mark their calendars for this Spring Clean-Up of Tacoma. 

If you want to know more about our past activities, please visit  Keep the West End Clean facebook page. It shows a bit about what we have done in the West End with litter clean-ups for the last 2 years.

Let’s make Tacoma a Clean City Trend Setter in Washington…..a city whose residents care and help pick up litter.

A Local Litter Challenge

Every litter bit hurts. How much litter can volunteers collectively pick-up in our public spaces in 2 weeks time to ‘Help Keep Tacoma Clean?

  • Please consider cleaning up a littered area near your home, business, park, or a favorite walk or run route.

  • Time Frame:  Saturday, April 6th through Saturday, April 20th.

  • Give this nextdoor.com post a smiley face if you PLAN to participate in this Local Volunteer Litter Challenge.

  • Beforehand, gather a few Litter Pick-Up Tools: a collection container (a plastic bag or a re-useable bucket), a pair  of gloves, and/or a litter grabber, hand sanitizer.

  • Safety First:

    • Wear shoes, not sandals

    • Do not go into the streets

    • Only pick-up the non-hazardous litter (paper, bottles, cans, small plastics, lids, caps)

    • Do NOT pick up hazardous litter

    • Do not pick-up Sharps: needles, broken glass, etc.

    • Call or use the city app  311 number if you find hazardous litter like sharps so they can pick it up.

  • Do not collect more trash than your personal garbage bin can hold along with your own household waste.

  • Important to Know: Registered Adopt-a-Spot and Neighborhood Litter Patrols trash bags will be picked up by the city after a request has been submitted.

  • Note your litter findings on this nextdoor post or at keeptacomaclean@gmail.com . This will enable us to approximate our success with this collective Litter Pick-Up

  • A post might include: location, description of the litter, a picture of your litter collection, etc.

Let’s put litter in its place…..a trash can. 

Adopt-a-Spot Safety Tips

DO   Do collect basic trash, paper, glass (unbroken), metal containers, plastics, wood waste etc.

Do wear an orange safety vest, if you are involved in a street cleanup, so you can be seen and identified with the cleanup team.

Do wear light or bright colored protective clothing, as well as hard-soled shoes and work gloves.

Sandals or open toe shoes should not be worn.

Do work only during daylight hours and good weather.

Do provide adult supervision for young group members, as appropriate.

DON’T     Don’t horse around or do anything that will distract other volunteers.

Don’t participate in litter cleanups if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Don’t overexert yourself. If exceptionally large, heavy or unyielding items are encountered; Solid Waste Management should be notified to arrange for proper disposal.

Don’t pickup litter on construction sites.

Don’t pickup hazardous materials.

The volunteers are not to handle or touch anything that may cause injury or be hazardous, including but not limited to syringes, hypodermic needles, or bags or bottles containing suspected hazardous materials.

If hazardous items of this type are encountered, contact the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department at (253) 798-2940 or (253) 798-6047 and select option 5 (see attached Health Department leaflet.)

Don’t pickup litter during peak traffic times, if the designated area is a street.

Don’t use power tools such as lawn mowers, tractors, chainsaws, etc.