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ByLaw Review Instructions
ByLaw Review Instructions
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ByLaw Review Instructions


Just to let everyone know, the West End is going to go over the bylaws a little differently this year as there seems to be more people interested in having input and our meeting room is already busy with meetings throughout the rest of the summer.

At the June 19, 2019,  Board Meeting, members of the Board discussed the need to review and update the West End Neighborhood Council (WENC) bylaws, and make revisions, as appropriate.  The Board also presented and discussed the need to review and update the bylaws, to the general membership during the regular meeting. Those in attendance agreed it was a good idea to assist the WENC in interpretation and clarity, revisions as appropriate, and secure valuable input from the membership.

In an attempt to be inclusive and transparent, the Board is proposing the following steps and actions be undertaken:

  1.  Attached is a copy of the WENC Bylaws, if you do not have a copy, you can download as a reference.

  2. Please review the bylaws and make recommended changes, edits, suggestions, revisions, comments, etc. In doing so, please be as succinct (concise, brief) as possible

  3. PLEASE underline any new language that is to be inserted into the bylaws and strikethrough any language that is being proposed for deletion.

  4. ALL recommendations, suggestions, and comments must be received in writing NOT LATER THAN, 5 p.m. on Wednesday, July 31st to email: veberha@aol.com. ,  SUBJECT:  WENC BYLAWS

  5. The WENC Board will compile and summarize recommendations, suggestions, and comments and place them within the appropriate Articles and Sections of the existing Bylaws. When unclear, the Board will make every attempt to contact you for clarification.  Please provide contact information.

  6. A copy of the revised bylaws will be make available for review during August/September (no meeting in August)

  7. A revised copy of the final bylaws will be made available at our September meeting for adoption in September/October.