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Nominations are now open and at this point the following have been nominated:

Brian Depew
Darin Dressler
Arliene Jenkins
Jean Kelly
Cheri Solien

People have until our meeting in November (if the person running or being nominated wants to do it at an actual meeting) or the drop dead date December 15, 2019, to submit their name/another's name for one of five positions open this year.  Those running should have attended five meetings in the past year (per bylaws) and will be elected for a period of two years.

Those wishing to run, please be prepared to give a short, one to two minute reason for running and what you would like to see take place in the West End- why are you running? This will take place before the election on Jan. 15th.

Elections will be held on January 15, 2020, when we will meet for the first time at TCC, room 106.  We will continue to meet at 7 PM.

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